This is the most comprehensive online education out there for small-scale growers wanting to maximize profit and increase efficiency.

While there is a lot of great info for farmers just starting out,

this course is has a lot of content for growers who have a season or more under their belt.

Join Conor over the next few seasons while he gives you unrestricted access to the inner workings of Neversink Farm.

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  • Through the story of Neversink Farm, learn the why and how that brought them to where they are.

  • Well over 200 video lessons with new ones added each month

  • An Interactive Course with an “Ask Conor” button and Live Q&A Calls

  • A Members Only Forum

  • Resources, Cheat Sheets, Task Tickets

  • Invitation to a Party at Neversink Farm this Spring.

Neversink Farm Story


Are you just beginning your farm journey? Have you been growing for years but still struggle to turn a profit?

Find out how Conor took a rock filled, sandy pasture and built a profitable and sustainable market farm that provides his family with a decent salary, while only working 5 days a week.

Watch this video and hear how Conor and Kate made it through a difficult beginning.

Well over 200 video lessons with new ones added each month


Do you struggle with Weeds? Disorganization? Exhaustion? Failure?


Let us help you make your farm profitable.

With over 200 videos, we know this course will change the way you manage your farm. Simple and Easy to use so you can learn ONLINE with confidence. Every module has 12-30 lessons!


  • Neversink Starts: from finding land to writing a lease
  • Managing the Systems: simplifying and supercharging your farm
  • Beds: a no-till solution for managing your soil
  • Soil Fertility: simplifying soil conditioning, element blancing, and nitrogen
  • Propagation: efficient seed starting
  • Transplanting and Direct Seeding: the best method at the right time
  • Irrigation: the what, when, why, and how
  • Weed and Pest Management: removing, reducing, and avoiding pests
  • Harvesting: tools and techniques to manage the harvest
  • Washing and Packing: layout and workflow
  • Marketing and Sales: finding your market and maximizing profit
  • Crops: in-depth information on planting and harvesting the favorites
  • Advanced Growing: table top and exotic vegetable production
  • Herbs: boosting the flavor of your farm stand
  • Extending the Season: basic shelter for the colder months
  • Designing Hoop Houses: taking tunnels to the next level
  • Costs: crunching the numbers of a successful farm
  • Winter Focus: Growing in every season
  • Tomatoes: maximizing your production and sales

Watch this free lesson from the Transplanting and Direct Seeding module on using the paper pot transplanter.

An Interactive Course

“Ask Conor” button and Live Q&A Calls


Ever had a question about farming you were too embarrassed to ask?

How would your farm be different if you had an experienced and successful farmer that you could asks questions of regularly?

The “Ask Conor” button is on every course page so that you can jot down your questions when they arise and get answers during the regular Question & Answer calls with Conor. This interaction is used to make changes and additions to the course based on the needs of its members.

A Members Only Forum

The Neversink Online Course Forum is a place for members to share ideas and help each other. It is a community where objectives, plans, questions, and problems are organized and searchable. Here, only positive and educational interactions are encouraged.


Easy to understand and quick to implement Cheatsheets, Task Tickets, Seeding Schedules, and Checklists. There is a resource for every system!

Neversink Farm has stripped away the complexity of its resource material,

making it easy to use and adapt to your farm.

  • Innovative ways to manage tools, employees, and schedules.
  • Increasing your efficiency so that you can reduce your hours in the field.
  • Boosting your success with proven methods that are part of a streamlined system.

Hear how Conor uses tasks tickets to manage time and employees.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so stoked about the course and confident in its awesomeness that we promise to make sure everyone is completely satisfied. 

BONUS: Party at Neversink!

All members are invited to a FREE party/farmer gathering/hoedown at Neversink Farm this spring. The date will be decided democratically. All members get to vote! There will be special guests, tool talk, swimming in the river, BEER and food.


  • Hundreds of video lessons to streamline your farm towards profitability

  • “Ask Conor” those burning questions in the Live Q&A Calls

  • A community of fellow farmers to help each other in the FORUM

  • Start your farming systems using the Cheat Sheets and Task Tickets!

  • BEER

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