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Market Farming Course

Covers everything in Vegetable Growers Master Course but goes far beyond that. This is the most complete and advanced online education platform for small scale farmers, focusing on efficiency, production, marketing, and profits using a systems based approach. $2000

Vegetable Growers Master Course

Mastering the growing vegetables for the backyard gardener to the beginning market farmer. Step by step instructions from seed to harvest using no till / no dig techniques. Also covering begginner high tunnel growing. $297

Course requirements: These are ONLINE courses with HD VIDEOS, thus it is best that you have a fast internet connection to get the best experience. I recommend at least 3 mbps speed service. You can get by with 1.5 mbps but you will need to set a lower quality video setting and it may not always work.

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Vegetable Growers Master Course

Online Lifetime* Membership –  $297

Opens in a few weeks

What is the course About?
  • This is a practical guide to raising the quality of your produce from seed to harvest.
  • Step by step, we cover the details of the most popular crops.
  • We focus on using no dig / no till growing and permanent bed techniques that build healthy soil while reduce back-breaking labor.
  • We demonstrate growing vegetables without dependency on expensive tractors or two wheel BCS tilling machines.
  • This course goes beyond the basics. You’ll get primers on table top production and high tunnel growing.
Who is this course for?
  • This is for vegetable gardeners, beginning small scale farmers, and anyone that wants to improve their growing skills.
  • This is for those just starting to look for land and also those beginning to grow for profit.
  • This is for anyone looking to get a start with a simple high tunnel and start extending their growing season.
  • This is for those looking to find out what small scale supplies and tools we are using across the farm.
What is covered in the Course?
  • I go into detail about how to keep your beds weed free using simple techniques.
  • I cover everything you need to get started with soil fertility.
  • We will discuss the growing of tomatoes and cucumbers in high tunnels.
  • The basics of growing healthy microgreens, year round.
What about resources?
  • I have included useful resources that I use at Neversink Farm for seeding and growing.
  • Simplified seeding charts and seeding schedules
  • Soil Amendment and Nitrogen Calculator
  • On top of the Neversink resources, lessons include links to all the tools and supplies shown.

Neversink Market Farming Course

Online Lifetime* Membership –  $2000

This is the MOST comprehensive and advanced online education platform for small-scale farmers.

Nothing else even comes close

Exclusive member discounts to tools and supplies


 What are course members saying?
  • “This course is amazing! It’s not just changing how I farm but how I organize my life. Thank you!” – Kim
  • “Thank you, the best $$$$ I ever spent” – Alex
  • “A wealth of information on how to systematize the processes that it takes to make a productive farm.” – Rick
  • “I know that incorporating his systems will help me eliminate painful wastes of time so I have more time to plant.” – Andrea
  • “I really enjoyed this online course, so convenient for us as we are far away, tons of great information and really nice to share with other members!” – Aurelie
  • “Good value for money…The task tickets and cheat sheets are brilliant – more please” – Brian
  • “Great value for money. You’re a life saver!” – Kayode
  • “Halfway through the first module, and I am already so grateful for this course. I’ve already learned a lot.” – Ilana
What is the course About?
  • This course will help you master the growing of vegetables from seed to harvest, BUT
  • I go FAR BEYOND that. I know that growing vegetables well has little to do with a farm’s success. You are a farmer and not a gardener and thus you need to make a profit as well.
  • Thus, every module and lesson is there to help:
  • Farming is hard work. This course is not about some secret to duplicating my success but about the 100’s of things I do at Neversink Farm which contribute to that success. Be ready to work for it!
  • Learn at your own pace. You have lifetime* access to all modules.
Who is this course for?
  • This is for small scale farmers who want to become more profitable or more efficient by creating systems that work.
  • This is for beginners looking to quickly ramp up their knowledge, while planning the future of their farm. You have lifetime* access so it can be used as a reference while you build your farm.
  • This is for anyone looking to build out their high tunnel infrastructure and start extending their growing season or improving it.
  • This is for those looking to find out what supplies and equipment we are using across the farm.
How is this course different?
  • It was created by me, Conor Crickmore, and I make my living from farming not a few years ago, but TODAY.
  • Conor Crickmore is the leading expert in No Till Market Farming and has created methods that are proven to work.
  • My success is built on hundreds of small and large changes that I made on my farm over the last seven years. I try to cover all of the cumulative changes I made that resulted in an organized, well run, and profitable farm.
  • The course is entertaining and beautifully shot. It is important to us that the course is enjoyable to watch.
  • There is no small scale farm course that goes into as much detail and covers as many topics as this course does, PERIOD.
What is covered in the Course?
  • This course covers much more than mastering vegetable growing. I also cover the most important details of earning money on a small scale. I delve into:
    • Marketing and Selling Products – Pricing, Display, Strategy, Retail and Farmers Markets
    • Creating Efficient Systems – Used throughout the farm. This is central to how I can achieve high production while only working on the farm 4 days a week.
    • High Tunnels (Two Modules on this topic) – Another important area that I use to create high profits in a small space. I cover all the equipment, with links, that I use to create efficient and easily managed houses that produce an incredible amount of produce with very little labor.
    • Winter and Advanced Growing Techniques to maximize production. Including my simple tomato grafting technique, microgreens, and how I earn a great income through the winter while working only three days a week.
    • Ways to keep the entire farm organized with the least amount of effort. I am not an organized guy so I make this simple and easy for myself so it will be simple for you.
What about resources?
  • I have developed a task system which covers all aspects of production. It is central to success at Neversink and I go into detail about this and provide all the resources to get started managing tasks at your farm.
  • I have included all the resources I use at Neversink Farm from employee agreements to amendment calculators to seeding schedules.
  • I feel that sometimes crop planning and harvest records can be very over COMPLICATED and thus, lose their value. I have stripped away the complexity of my resources to make them easy to use for myself, and I believe they will be easy for you to implement on your farm as well.
  • On top of the Neversink resources, lessons include links to all the tools and supplies shown. Thus everything from a pen to a twist tie to greens harvestor is linked giving easy access to hundreds of resources.


Modules are released based on your initial registration date.

Each Module contains links to all the tools and supplies shown as well as the relevant Neversink Resources (schedules, cheat sheets, task tickets, checklist)
  • Living Soil Balancing and Irrigation: simplifying soil conditioning, soil balancing, and nitrogen. Getting water to your produce should be easy and efficient. No water, no profit.
  • Managing the Production Systems: simplifying and systematizing your farm
  • No Till Bed Management: a no-till solution for managing your growing spaces
  • Designing Hoop Houses: taking high tunnels to the next level and beyond
  • Propagation: in-depth information on  creating and managing a propagation house and starting your transplants.
  • Business, Employees and Marketing: Hiring and keeping good employees. How to sell all of your product at the farmers market and to restaurants.
  • Harvest, Wash and Pack: tools and techniques to manage the harvest, wash it and pack it for long storage.
  • Exotic and Winter Crops plus Herbs, boosting the flavor and interest of your farm stand.
  • Extending the Season: Growing year round in tunnels and hoop houses with and without heat. Movable tunnels as well.
  • Weed and Pest Management: removing, reducing, and avoiding pests.
  • Transplanting and Direct Seeding: the best method at the right time.
  • Indoor Tomatoes: maximizing your production and sales with high tech growing (grafting lesson will be available earlier as I know you want to get started with this early).
  • Flowers for the Vegetable Grower: Learn from Conor’s wife Kate, a farmer and flower expert , which flowers to grow, how to grow them and how to sell them at market. She will discuss the design principles behind bouquet making and all the specific tools we use.

More modules coming. As a full course lifetime member you will have access to all new content when it is available.

Course requirements: This is an ONLINE course with HD VIDEOS, thus it is best that you have a fast internet connection to get the best experience. I recommend at least 3 mbps speed service. You can get by with 1.5 mbps but you will need to set a lower quality video setting and it may not always work.

Enjoy the beautiful content on your computer, mobile device, and tablet!**


Market Farming

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